Quayle Legacy

"To further Scouting at 1st Bispham in the memory of my brother Peter Quayle”

In November 2006, the Group Scout Leader of 1st Bispham Scout Group was informed by solicitors that 1st Bispham Scout Group were named as beneficiaries in the will of Gloria Joan Eastwood (née Quayle). In due course the Group realised that not only were they beneficiaries but were to inherit her entire estate, apart from a few small bequests. The wording in the will stated the inheritance was

“to further Scouting at 1st Bispham in the memory of my brother Peter Quayle”.

All the Group knew initially was that Gloria had been actively involved in Scouting and Guiding during her life. We soon found out that Gloria’s brother, Peter, had been a member of 1st Bispham Scouts but had died in the Second World War.

A date was arranged for volunteers from the leaders and supporters group to visit Gloria’s house and have a look at ‘our inheritance’. The house had obviously been left to deteriorate over recent years and was full of her personal items and memorabilia. An assessment was made of the work involved in clearing the house.

This generous bequest started us all thinking about Gloria’s brother and what had happened to him to make Gloria decide to leave us all this wealth, in his memory. One person volunteered to collect the papers and personal items and take them away to try to build up a short history of the family and, especially, to find out what happened to Peter Quayle … this is the result.

Our thanks to Gloria.

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